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Canvas & Snap Tools

Our easy-to-use canvas snap tools are designed to help you maintain and replace the snaps on your boat canvas -- virtually eliminating the need to go to your local canvas shop for repairs. While our canvas snap tools are designed to hold up to tough marine conditions, we've found that campers with pop-up tent trailers, as well as people using canvas and vinyl covers for pick-up beds and storage trailers have found them indispensable as well.

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Top-Snapper Snap Lube
Top-Snapper No-Mess Snap Lubricant
  • Lubricates canvas snaps
  • Cuts through corrosion
  • Solid form lube
  • Won't stain canvas

Price: $5.29

Boat Cover Replacement Snaps 10-Pack
Boat Cover Replacement Snaps 10-Pack
  • Nickel plated brass snaps
  • Punch & anvil snap tool
  • 10 Replacement snaps
  • Perfect for minor repairs

Price: $7.95

Top-Snapper Canvas Snap Tool
Top-Snapper Stainless Canvas Snap Tool
  • Easily snap and unsnap boat canvas
  • Inside or outside snaps
  • Lifetime warranty

Price: $19.95

DeckMate 6-in-1 Stainless Boating Tool
DeckMate 6-in-1 Stainless Boating Tool
  • 6 handy boat tools
  • Left or right hand design
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Lifetime warranty

Price: $19.95

Top-Snapper Pocket Sized Canvas Care Kit by Ironwood Pacific Outdoors
Canvas Care Kit
  • Canvas snap kit
  • Snap tool
  • Snap lube
  • Floating case

Price: $19.95

Top-Snapper / Snap Lube Combo
Top-Snapper / Snap Lube Combo
  • Easily snap and unsnap boat canvas
  • Comes with the Top-Snapper and Snap Lube

Price: $24.50

Snap Setter Locking Plier Tool Snap setter tool, snap fastener tools
Snap Setter Locking Plier Tool
  • Replace snaps quickly
  • Locking plier
  • Welded dies
  • Heavy duty design

Price: $46.95

Products 1-7 of 7

More Information About Our Snap Tools

We have developed a full line of canvas and snap tools which include the following:

Canvas Snap Tool and Snap Lube

Our Top-Snapper is a unique patented snap tool that makes it easy to snap your snaps. The two blades offer different options for grabbing snaps and pulling them into place. The main blade allows you to get ahold of a dome top boat snap and push or pull it into place. The leverage it offers makes it easy, and help protect your canvas as it puts the pressure on the snap, not pulling on the boat canvas. It also allows you to snap hard to reach snaps, for example, those on the outside of the gunnels or windshield that normally require you to be outside the boat. The patented design allows you to grab the snap, reach over the side and snap the snap into place while you are still safely inside the boat. The second blade at the bottom of the tools handle offers great leverage to pull reluctant snaps into place.

The Top-Snapper Snap Lube comes in an easy twist our applicator. With this solid snap lube, you put it where you want it on you boat snaps and it stays there and works. It was originally designed to work with snaps that were corroded by the tough maritime environment of Washington's Puget Sound. Since then it has been used by thousands of boaters around the world.

Minor Snap & Canvas Repair

The Top-Snapper Canvas Care Kit will help you make quick repairs while at the dock or on the water. The Top-Snapper Canvas Care Kit includes a tube of Top-Snapper Snap Lube to help you tame corroded snaps as well as a kit with 10 nickle plated brass boat snaps and a handy pocket sized punch and anvil tool. Everything you need to replace a broken canvas snap wherever you are, and as an added bonus, it is packaged in a pocket or glove compartment sized watertight floating plastic case.

Snap Setting Tool

The Snap Setter Snap Tool is designed to make changing snaps a breeze. It is a must if you have many snaps to change. Compare the cost of this handy snap tool with having 1 or 2 snaps changed out at your boat shop and you'll understand why so many boaters are picking up their own Snap Setter Snap Tool.

For additional information about our snap tools, like FAQ's and helpful product videos, visit our Canvas & Snap Tools Resources page. If you find you have additional questions about any of our canvas and snap tools, please contact us. We will be glad to help!



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