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BunkEnder Bunk Protectors

Patented Bunk Enders protect your trailer bunk end when loading your boat

E-Z Slide BunkEnders are a patented bunk slide designed to curve over the end of your bunk, protecting our boat and your bunk from excessive wear at the initial point of contact.

  • BunkEnders prevent carpet wear
  • Stainless steel mounting screws included
  • Can be used for 4" or 6" wide bunks
  • Recommended for welded metal boats weighing up to 4000 lbs and fiberglass boats weighing up to 1500 lbs.
  • Five year warranty

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    E-Z Slide BunkEnders

    Patented BunkEnders curve around the end of your bunk, providing critical protection at the point you boat first contacts your bunks when loading. BunkEnders are the most cost effective protection on the market against excessive bunk carpet wear.

    Key Features of E-Z Slide BunkEnders

    • Molded from slippery plastic composite to minimize friction between your boat and the trailer bunks when launching and loading your boat
    • Patented BunkEnders fold over the end of the bunk to prevent carpet wear
    • BunkEnders are 8” long
    • BunkEnders will fit both 4" or 6" wide trailer bunks
    • Available in either black or white
    • Comes with stainless steel screws for mounting
    • Recommended for metal boats up to 4,000 lbs. and fiberglass boats up to 1,500 lbs.
    • Not recommended for boats with painted bottoms
    • 5 year warranty
    • Made in USA

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    Product Reviews
    Overall Customer Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 4
    BunkEnder Bunk Protectors (013.6)
    R Storzbach
    Oregon City, OR
    Review Date:

    • easy install
    • very slick surface
    • Enders don't come in six inch width

    I purchased these because many of the launch ramps I use are so flat that I have to early totally bury my trailer tongue and float the boat to launch. I bought these as the pads set that I got at Cabela's did not have them included. I just got back from a trip to the coast fishing for salmon, also where I installed the complete set (Kit & BunkEnders). I was very happy with the way the boat slide onto the trailer. It was much easier to get on and latch on to my strap hook, and chain. I would highly recommend this system for all boaters. Thank you for providing the public with a very good product.

    Good Bunk Protection
    Jim W
    Sammamish, WA
    Review Date:

    I have a fiberglass hull sailboat on these bunk end protectors. I installed the white version of these end protectors together with a few flat protectors on top of horizontal 2x6 pressure treated wood bunks. They are spaced with 2" between them.

    I was leery of replacing my fabric-covered bunks with these but I figure it is easier to make sure no grit is on the flat plastic top than it is to inspect the fabric bunk liners for grit. So I did it.

    After doing so, I have found that getting the boat off on a regularly sloped launch ramp is a breeze. I have to remember NOT to unhook the boat until the very last thing before launching because it will slide off easily when nudged by braking as I back down to launch.

    I like the stainless steel hardware is a full 1 1/2" long so that it goes nearly through the whole 2x6 board. The protector has thickness so the screw does not poke out the other side. I like that the screw heads are recessed into the protectors; there is no fastener contact with the boat hull at all.

    Lastly, I have found loading the boat is really easy. I took on a huge amount of water the last time I was out due to my fault. It was trapped between the inner and outer hull and I worried how I would get the boat back on the trailer with all that added water weight. When I got to winching it up onto the bunks, it was a breeze again. It really took almost no effort at all to reload. I began to think I may not have taken on as much water as I thought, but when I got home, I couldn't move this light weight boat on the trailer by hand! I jacked up the trailer tongue and the hull sloshed with its contents. It took 1/2 hour of water pouring out the drain to get it all out.
    My Ironwood expierience!
    Longview, Wa
    Review Date:

    I have a 17' aluminum boat and a custom trailer that came with it from the manufacturer, the trailer had four carpeted bunks for support and the boat would not come free from the trailer unless I backed into the launch almost to my truck's bumper.

    I saw the Ironwood E-Z slide pads at my local sporting goods store and purchased a set plus an extra set of bunk-Enders.

    The first time I went fishing after the purchase I took the opportunity to install the E-Z pads while the boat was off of the trailer, it took approximately 20 minutes to do the install (I had a battery powered drill with me to make the installation) after the insallation I didn't have to back the trailer as far into the water to recover the boat---it was twice as easy to winch the boat onto the trailer.

    The next time I went fishing, I didn't have to back the trailer any where near to the depth I previously had to and the boat slid into the water with minimal effort.

    I had to purchase an extra pair of Bunk-Enders, which my local store didn't stock, and when I called Ironwood Pacific they were extremely helpful and promptly shipped the parts directly to my home address----Great Service!!!!!!!
    Bunk enders
    Ron Casscles
    Sequim, Washington
    Review Date:

    <p>Purchased the regular slides at Cabelas, but they did not have bunk enders in stock, I have yet to install them, but from past experience, I am sure they will work fine as my son in law in Mississippi has them on his bunk trailer and likes them real well. Thanks Ron Cascles</p>



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