EasyTroller Rope Set

EasyTroller Rope Set (16.41)

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EasyTroller Trolling Plate Say goodbye to bent or damaged trolling plates. The EasyTroller trolling plate's patented spring hinge design flexes upward to prevent damage to the trolling plate under accidental acceleration. The optional hydrofoil...
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Trolling plate rope kit great!

This is the best rope kit I have ever seen! Comes completely assembled. Just tie it on and go trolling! Kit contains everything you need including a nice rope. It is 8 feet long...that’s 96 inches of rope folks!! The nautically correct white color gives it that professional look. Your fishing pals will envy you so much, you may have to keep an eye on them in case they try to steal it from you back at the dock! I suggest getting two so you are never without one when your far from the truck and the fish are only biting at the precise speed only attainable thanks to this marvelous bit of marine engineering. (Heck, it’s only eight bucks.) Thank you again Ironwood Pacific!!

Reviews 1-1 of 1