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Patented hinged design allows the trolling plate to flex upward so you can troll at the ideal speed without worrying about damaging your plate.

  • Holds trolling speeds as low as 1 mph
  • Patented hinged design flexes to prevent bending under acceleration
  • Short Model fits O/Bs and I/Os 30-45HP
  • Marine grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction
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    EasyTroller Trolling Plate

    Say goodbye to bent or damaged trolling plates. The EasyTroller trolling plate's patented spring hinge design flexes upward to prevent damage to the trolling plate under accidental acceleration. The optional hydrofoil trolling plate model combines two products into one to improve fuel economy and performance.

    Key Features of the EasyTroller Trolling Plate

    • Slows boats to ideal trolling speed, even as slow as 1 mph
    • Patented hinged plate design flexes upward to prevent damage or shear pin breakage
    • Mounts directly to the cavitation plate of your outboard or outdrive, a few inches behind the propeller
    • Made from marine-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel
    • One year warranty
    • Made in the USA

    EasyTroller Trolling Plate Models

    For Motors
    Plate Length
    EasyTroller Standard
    50 hp and up 14.5"
    EasyTroller Standard w/ Fins
    50 hp and up 14.5"
    EasyTroller Short
    30 to 45 hp 12""
    EasyTroller Short w/ Fins
    30 to 45 hp 12"

    How is the EasyTroller different from other trolling plates?

    EasyTroller trolling plate competitive comparison

    Under power, prop thrust can bend or damage the typical trolling plate.

    EasyTroller trolling plate flex hinge design

    The EasyTroller trolling plate flexes to divert the prop thrust downward, preventing damage to the plate itself.

    What are Hydrofoil Fins?

    As the hydrofoil moves through the water, it acts like a wing, raising the back of the boat in the water. This helps boats improve their hole shot and maintain a plane at lower rpms which can improve fuel economy. By raising the stern the trim is adjusted and the boat planes with the bow in a lower position, which increases visibility and safety. If you want to reach a plane more quickly, struggle keeping your boat on a plane, plane in a bow high attitude, experience porpoising or chine-walking, hydrofoil fins may offer some real performance improvements. The extent to which a hydrofoil will improve your boat's performance depends on your equipment and the conditions where you typically boat.

    EasyTroller Trolling Plates Resources

    Learn why an EasyTroller trolling plate with its patented spring hinge design is considered the top-of-the-line in trolling equipment. Fisherman have come to rely on EasyTroller for years of worry-free trolling.

    Q. What size motor does the EasyTroller fit?
    EasyTroller short is for outboards 30 to 50 horsepower. EasyTroller standard is for boats with 50 to 300 horsepower. Fins can be used with short and standard EasyTrollers.

    Q. What type of engines will the EasyTroller mount too?
    The EasyTroller will mount to both I/Os and outboards.

    Q. What do the EasyTroller fins do? Do I need them?
    The EasyTroller fins work as a hydrofoil. If you currently use a hydrofoil then you will need to purchase the EasyTroller with fins. A separate hydrofoil won’t work with the EasyTroller. The fins are a separate module that can be added to any EasyTroller in the future if needed.

    Q. Can I use a separate hydrofoil with my EasyTroller?
    No, both products bolt to the cavitation plate and will interfere with each other. The EasyTroller Hydrofoil Fins are designed to provide hydrofoil lift in conjunction with your EasyTroller Trolling Plate.

    Q. How slow will the EasyTroller slow my boat?
    The EasyTroller can slow a boat down to 1 mph.

    Q. How do I mount my EasyTroller?
    The EasyTroller will bolt directly to your engine’s cavitation plate with included mounting hardware.

    Q. Will I need to drill holes for mounting?
    Yes, you will need 4 holes in your cavitation plate for proper mounting. If you have existing holes from another application, you may be able to modify the EasyTroller to work with your existing hole pattern.

    Q. Will my EasyTroller bend if I leave it in the down position and accelerate?
    The EasyTroller may bend if it is subjected to high acceleration or high speeds for a period of time. The patented, hinged, pressure release plate is designed to provide a margin of safety in cases of accidental acceleration.

    The EasyTroller's Patented Plate Design Helps to Prevent Damage in case of Accidental Acceleration.  

    Trolling plates are a necessity for many fishermen, but they can be an irritating and expensive accessory to maintain. Experienced anglers know that accidentally accelerating before raising the trolling plate can cause the propeller’s force to bend the plate or break its shear pins. Ironwood Pacific has incorporated an elegant solution to that problem in the EasyTroller Trolling plate. The patented pressure release hinge design helps prevents bending the plate due to accidental acceleration, saving fishermen time and money. Under normal operating conditions, the heavy springs hold the lower portion of the plate rigid. When the pressure on the plate reaches a critical point, before damage to the plate is imminent, the springs will flex, relieving the pressure. Once the throttle has been reduced to trolling speeds again, the plate returns to its normal configuration and is ready to troll again.

    How does the EasyTroller work?  First, the EasyTroller is mounted to the motor's cavitation plate.  When ready to troll the angler simply shifts the boat into neutral, comes to a stop and lowers the plate by pulling the EasyTroller release rope. Once locked into place the trolling plate will block some of the prop thrust and slow the boat to a 1 to 2 mph trolling speed while allowing the angler to maintain steering control.  When finished trolling, the angler can pull the release cord (while still at trolling speed) and accelerate to lock the plate into its horizontal position. In the up position the plate offers very little drag and will offer some of the lift benefits of a hydrofoil fin. For boats that experience a slow hole shot or porpoising the EasyTroller’s optional hydrofoil fins can be added to improve performance.  

    Designed for 30 HP and up outboards and I/O motors, the EasyTroller will help slow boats to their ideal trolling speeds. Does it work? Just ask Salmon, Trout and Walleye fisherman Greg Sprague: “This thing is built like a tank when compared to the competition. It is easy to install, fool proof, and operates like a gem. I know it will get the job done where other plates have failed.”

    The EasyTroller comes in a short model for outboards 30-45HP and a standard model for outboards or outdrives 50 HP and up. Either model can be equipped with optional Hydrofoil Fins. These optional fins are made from anodized aluminum, mount quickly and easily, and can improve planing performance and fuel efficiency. Both models ensure that the trolling fisherman will spend his day cruising for fish on the lake rather than cruising to town for repairs.

    The EasyTroller is one of Ironwood Pacific Outdoors’ premium, problem-solving boating accessories. The EasyTroller is made in the USA with tough, marine grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel components.

    Many trolling plates will fail under the pressure of accidental acceleration with the plate locked in the down position.

    EasyTroller’s patented Pressure release plate allows the lower portion of the plate to flex under extreme pressure, releasing the pressure before the plate is damaged.

    Standard and Short Model Mounting Hardware: (4) 5/16” Bolts, (4) 5/16” Nylon Locknuts, (8) Flat Washers

    1. Pull the release cord, allowing the plate to go into the down position. Use caution as theplate is spring-loaded and could pinch a finger. If the plate goes over center pull it back to the vertical position. (This will not occur when released per instructions in the water.)
    2. The EasyTroller may be mounted on top or on the underside of the anti-cavitation plate (most EasyTrollers are mounted on top of the cavitation plate). Position the EasyTroller on the cavitation plate so that the EasyTroller plate is at least 3 inches (4 to 6 inches is ideal) behind the prop while in the vertical down position, being careful to ensure that the holes in the cavitation plate are not too close to the edge of the plate. Once positioned, carefully check all clearances to make sure that the plate rotates freely through the upward and downward positions without interference with the prop or any part of the motor. Clamp the EasyTroller mount plate to the anticavitation plate using two small C clamps. Note: The EasyTroller plate typically covers only one half to three fourths of the prop when in the down position.
    3. Drill a 5/16” or slightly larger hole in the anti-cavitation plate through an existing hole in the mount plate. Note that the mount plate has six holes to accommodate various anti-cavitation plate shapes. Use the forward two mounting holes and two other holes that work best on your motor. (New holes may be drilled in the mount plate to accommodate an existing hole pattern if they are spaced at least 1/2” from an existing hole.) Install a bolt(one washer under the bolt head and one under the nut) to hold the mount plate in position while the next hole is drilled. After the second bolt is installed, the remaining two holes can be drilled and the bolts installed. Be careful not to over tighten the bolts to avoid damage to the anti-cavitation plate or inhibit the trolling plate rotation. Once installed tie off the release cord in a convenient location, leaving enough slack so the motor can swing full left and right.
    4. Special Notes for Volvo Outdrives: Longer bolts may be needed on Volvo outdrives with hollow cavitation plates. On Volvos with rubber exhaust flaps allow enough room so that the flap can fully open when the plate is in the down position. The EasyTroller may not work with some Volvo or Mercury Dual-Prop engines due to a lack of clearance with the props.

    VIDEO: Installing the EASYTroller Flipper

    Stabilizer Fins Model Mounting Hardware: (4) 5/16” carriage bolts • (4) 5/16” flat washers • (4) 5/16” nylon locknuts

    • The fins model must always be mounted on top of the cavitation plate. Position the left fin against the mounting plate and fasten with the carriage bolts, washers and nuts. The carriage bolts should be installed from the inside (motor side) of the mounting plate, the washers and nuts from the outside. See the image at the right to see the proper fin positioning.
    1. Tie off the release cord near the center of the boat with enough slack for the lower unit to go into the full down position and rotate full left and right. The EasyTroller should always be in the up position when running at speed.
    2. When you want to troll, put the motor in neutral and wait for the boat to come to a complete stop. Pull the cord and the plate will move into the down trolling position. The plate will lock into place when properly seated, slowing the boat’s trolling speed.
    3. When you are ready to move at speed, release the EasyTroller plate by pulling on the cord with the motor idling and in forward gear. Once the plate has released, accelerate slightly and the plate should raise and lock into the up position. If the plate does not come all the way up to the locking position you may have to increase your speed a bit more.
    4. While the EasyTroller will absorb most accidental accelerations it can be bent or damaged under extreme conditions or if kept in the down position while running at speed. Ironwood Pacific Outdoors, Inc. will not warrant the plate under these conditions but exchange/repair options are offered at favorable prices. Contact for more details.

    The EasyTroller should be set in the downward position when transporting your boat on a trailer. Ironwood Pacific Outdoors, Inc. accepts no responsibility for damage incurred to the boat, engine, anti-cavitation plate, or propeller through use of the EasyTroller.

    If you find you have additional questions, would like more information on any of our EasyTroller trolling plates, or just need some help selecting the best product for your boat, please contact us. We will be glad to help!

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