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E-Z Slide BunkEnders are a patented bunk slide designed to curve over the end of your bunk, protecting your boat and your bunk from excessive wear at the initial point of contact.

  • BunkEnders prevent carpet wear
  • Stainless steel mounting screws included
  • Can be used for 4" or 6" wide bunks

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    E-Z Slide BunkEnders

    Patented BunkEnders curve around the end of your bunk, providing critical protection at the point you boat first contacts your bunks when loading. BunkEnders are the most cost effective protection on the market against excessive bunk carpet wear.

    Key Features of E-Z Slide BunkEnders

    • Molded from slippery plastic composite to minimize friction between your boat and the trailer bunks when launching and loading your boat
    • Patented BunkEnders fold over the end of the bunk to prevent carpet wear
    • BunkEnders are 3" wide x 10” long
    • BunkEnders will fit both 4" or 6" wide trailer bunks
    • Available in either black or white
    • Comes with stainless steel screws for mounting
    • Recommended for metal boats up to 4,000 lbs. and fiberglass boats up to 1,500 lbs.
    • Not recommended for boats with painted bottoms
    • 5 year warranty
    • Made in USA

    E-Z Slide & BunkEnder Resources

    Learn why E-Z Slide bunk slicks are ideal for shallow ramps and low water launching, and how BunkEnders offer cost-effective protection against premature carpet wear on your trailer bunks. The following articles and video present the benefits of using our E-Z Slide bunk slicks and BunkEnders and answer questions about installation and maintenance.

    Q. What are the E-Z slides and BunkEnders made from?
    The E-Z Slides and BunkEnders are molded from a slippery plastic composite.

    Q. How far apart should I place my E-Z slides?
    The E-Z Slides should be placed approximately 12”-18" apart.

    Q. What are the weight restrictions for using the E-Z slides?
    E-Z Slides are recommended for metal boats up to 4,000 lbs. and fiberglass boats up to 1,500 lbs. At weights over 1,500 lbs. the pressure of the slides against the fiberglass hull can crack fiberglass gel coat.

    Q. Can I use E-Z Slides with a Painted Bottom Boat?
    It is not recommended. While the pads will slide fine on a painted bottom, they may abrade or scratch the bottom paint where it contacts the slides.

    Q. Can I use E-Z Slides with a riveted metal boat?
    Yes, E-Z Slides work fine with riveted metal boats up to 4000 lbs.

    Q. How do I mount the E-Z Slides and BunkEnders?
    The E-Z Slides and BunkEnders mount directly to your trailer bunks, over carpeted or bare bunks. Drill 1/8" pilot hole through one of the mounting holes and attach the pad with a stainless steel screw (supplied). Make sure other end of pad is flushed with the bunk and repeat. Do not over-tighten screw - as damage to the trailer slide may result. Be sure that the screw head is level and fully set into the screw well so that the head is below the surface of the pad. Screw heads on an improperly installed trailer slide can scratch or gouge the bottom of your boat.

    Q. What size trailer bunks will the E-Z slides fit?
    The E-Z Slides are available in sizes to fit bunks 2”, 4” and 6” wide. E-Z Slides come in three widths: 1.5", 3" and 5".

    Q. What size trailer bunks will the BunkEnders fit?
    BunkEnders are 3” wide and are for bunks 4” or 6” wide. On 6” wide bunks, mount your E-Z Slides on the inner edge of the end of the bunk where the most contact and wear occur.

    The E-Z Slides and BunkEnders will enable boats to slide on and off bunk trailers more easily and protect your bunks from wear. They are molded from a slippery plastic composite and will mount directly to existing bunks.

    The E-Z Slides and BunkEnders are not designed for use with every boat and may damage the boat’s bottom if used inappropriately.

    Please read the following usage guidelines before mounting the E-Z Slides or BunkEnders to your trailer.

    E-Z Slides and BunkEnders are recommended for the following:

    • All metal boats with an unpainted bottom
    • Fiberglass boats weighing less than 1,500 pounds (boat and motor combined weight).

    Welded metal boats with painted bottoms may experience paint wear or scuffing in those areas contacting the pads, similar to normal wear that can occur with carpeted bunks.

    Fiberglass boats weighing more than 1,500 pounds may experience surface damage to their gel coat finish in those areas coming in contact with the pads.

    Owners using the E-Z Slides and BunkEnders do so strictly at their own risk. Ironwood Pacific Outdoors, Inc. will accept no claims for any damage to these boats.

    Before launching your boat from a trailer mounted with E-Z Slide and BunkEnder Pads be sure to attach a line to the boat so that it can be controlled from the dock or shore. Do not remove the winch line until the boat is in the water. The boat must be tied down securely when transporting on a trailer mounted with E-Z Slide or BunkEnder Pads.

    The boat must be removed from the trailer before installing. The E-Z Slides and BunkEnders may be installed over the bunk carpet or directly to the bunks. Make sure that the wood in the bunks is not rotten before installing the pads.

    Confirm that you have enough slides to adequately cover the bunks. The pads should be spaced 12” – 18” apart on the bunks.

    1. Position the first pad (EZ Slide or BunkEnder), smooth side up, at the end of the bunk with the end of the pad flush with the end of the bunk. Drill a 1/8” pilot hole through one of the mounting holes and attach the pad with a stainless screw (supplied). The screw must be tightened by hand as over-tightening may damage the pad. Before drilling the second pilot hole, be sure that the pad is resting flat against the bunk. Drill the second pilot hole and secure the pad with another screw. The screws should be seated snugly in the molded holes and the screw heads should be well below the surface of the pads (to prevent scratching of the boat hull).
    2. Position the second pad at the other end of the bunk. Secure as described in Step 1 with stainless steel screws.
    3. Evenly space the remaining E-Z Slide Pads between the ends of the bunk and secure to bunks with the remaining stainless screws. The pads should be spaced 12”-18” apart, with heavier boats requiring closer spacing.
    4. Repeat the procedure for the other bunk(s).
    5. Check all pads to ensure that they are securely fastened and the screw heads are below the surface of the pad.

    The pads should be wiped clean of road grit each time before loading the boat. Inspect the pads to ensure that the pads are secure, the screws remain tight, and that no undue wear is occurring on the pads. The pads should be removed if undue wear is occurring on the pads or on the boat.

    The E-Z Slides and BunkEnders are warranted against defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of five years. If the product fails due to defects in material or workmanship, return the damaged item to us along with the original dated receipt. Your repaired item or replacement product will be returned to you postpaid.

    Send to: Ironwood Pacific Outdoors, Inc. | PO Box 1568 | Lake Oswego, OR 97035

    In no event will Ironwood Pacific Outdoors, Inc. be liable to the purchaser or other party for damages to the boat and/or trailer, lost savings or profits, or other damages arising out of use or inability to use the product.

    If you have additional questions, would like more information on E-Z slides, or need help selecting the best product for your boat, please contact us. We will be glad to help!

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    Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:
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    Bunk ends and pads

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    • Easy load and unload
    I initially installed a set of bunk ends on the trailer, in an effort to allow the boat to slide off the trailer better. The ramp on the lake is a bit shallow and I was having to back the trailer down in so far that I was wading to get the boat off. The boat was hanging on the last foot or so on the bunks, and launching the boat in cooler temps is no longer fun.
    I installed just the bunk ends, and was so impressed with how the boat slide off the bunks, that I ordered a set of the pads to install. I just put one of the pads on each bunk 4 inches back from the bunk ends, as this upper portion of the bunks is where I was having troubles with the boat sticking.
    This solved the issues, I no longer am having to back the trailer in so far and I am not getting wet now, plus the boat slides easily off now when I put it in reverse gear.
    These pads have made loading and unloading the boat a dream. No more frustration of having to wade in cold water, or having to rev the motor up and hope the boat will eventually come off.
    GREAT PRODUCT guys! Thank you


    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Installing slides on a 20 ft pontoon boats. Before installing had to basically put truck in water to get boat off. Installed slides waited until trailer was in water to unhook boat, all I did was tap brakes and boat came completely off of trailer on its own. Very pleased with product, works like a charm.

    Bellingham, WA

    Product doesn't match picture

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Bunk protector is not tapered on the end, as shown on the website or on the packaging. Product appears to be designed to work with additional plastic pads along the bunk (per the E-Z Slide kit) not as a stand alone bunk end protector. I'll be grinding off the bottom ends of mine to create a taper to minimize the edge loading on my fiberglass boat.


    Save your hull and carpet!

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    These bunk ends make boat loading easier. Don't scrub away your carpet at the end of your bunk boards. Saves your hull and carpet replacements.

    Bunker slides

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I think these work great put them on my pontoon boat it has 3 pare of bunks. My boat would just crank up with the ratchet. BUT WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I was short some screws and called, they sent me more and I got them within few days! I would buy from these guys in a minute!!!!!