HelmsMate Tiller Extension Handle Resources

HelmsMate is an outboard and trolling motor extension handle that is designed to attach to your existing tiller giving you the extra reach you need to steer from the best seat in the boat while still maintaining precision steering and throttle control. These articles will answer questions you may have about installing and using a HelsmMate outboard and trolling motor extension handle.

Q. How do I attach the HelmsMate to my tiller?
Loosen the thumb screws and place clamp over tiller handle. The rubber sizing sleeve may or may not be required depending on the size of your handle. Refer to our installation instructions for additional information.

Q. What is the Warranty of the HelmsMate?
The HelmsMate has a lifetime limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for the life of the product.

Q. What size engines will the HelmsMate work with?
The HelmsMate will fit all trolling and outboard motors up to 15 horsepower.

Q. How do I adjust an adjustable HelmsMate Extension Handle?
Adjustable models utilize a stainless steel positive lock button that fits into one of several holes in the handle. To adjust, simply depress the button and adjust the length of the handle by sliding the inner and outer tubes. Align the button with the hole closest to the new length and allow the spring loaded button to snap into the locked position again.

We believe the positive lock adjustment is superior to twist-lock type adjustments available in competitive models. From a safety and control standpoint, having a positive lock that can’t be disengaged by twisting the handle makes a lot more sense on twist throttle outboards and trolling motors.

Q. How does the U-Joint model work?
The HelmsMate U-Joint allows a push-pull steering action. As outboard extension handles get longer, they become more difficult to steer. To use the push-pull action, pull the handle towards the front of the boat to straighten your motor. To turn, just tilt your wrist towards the port or starboard side of the boat and push the handle backwards towards the stern of the boat. Because of the unique U-joint, you maintain the ability to control your shifting and acceleration by simply twisting the handle like you would the actual tiller. Take a few moments and try it while the boat is stationary and you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

The U-joint model also has a lock-out sleeve that will lock the joint in the straight position and the handle can then be used like any of the non U-joint models.

Q. Do I have access to my engine’s kill switch?
Yes, there is a opening in the clamp that will allow you to attach the HelmsMate while maintaining access to your motor’s kill switch.

Q. What are the Helmsmates made from?
The HelmsMate is constructed of anodized aluminum tubing, a rubber handle and a supertough marine grade nylon clamp.

  1. Remove from packaging.
  2. Loosen thumb screws on clamp.
  3. Slide the HelmsMate over the tiller handle of your outboard or trolling motor then tighten the clamp screw. In most cases the HelmsMate it will fit correctly with the inner rubber sleeve in place. If you have a thicker tiller, remove the inner rubber sleeve. If necessary, physically pull the clamp open wider. The nylon clamp will stretch open but will not break. If you have a thinner tiller handle, please contact Ironwood Pacific for a free second sleeve that will allow you to get a good fit.
  4. Make sure you have clear access to the kill switch.
  5. For adjustable models, adjust to desired length by depressing and disengaging the stainless locking button. slide the handle to the desired length then re-engage the locking button by lining it up with one of the adjustment holes. The handle can be adjusted in 3" increments.

Practice using the HelmsMate to master steering and throttle control on calm water.

Never install or adjust your HelmsMate with the motor running. Always be sure motor is OFF first.

The HelmsMate Outboard Tiller Extension Handle is designed for trolling speeds only.

If you have additional questions, would like additional information on Helmsmate extension handles, or need help selecting the best product for your boat, please contact us. We will be glad to help!